Shure SLX4

Single bodypack wireless analog mic system. Includes two mic styles. H5 band

Shure PGA58

The PGA58 delivers excellent sound for lead and backup vocal performance. XLR and a discrete On / Off switch. This is a budget mic.

Shure MV7X

Podcasting or recording on a budget, but still only trust Shure? The MV7X has been designed with podcasters and vocalists in mind, using the same form factor immortalized by our legendary SM7B. Connect directly to almost any audio interface via XLR and you’ll soon be recording with the quality audio that you’ve come to expect… Continue reading Shure MV7X

Driverack DBXRTA-M

Driverack’s RTA, flat tuned omnidirectional microphone for tuning rooms. Can be used in other cases when an omnidirectional mic is needed. This is included for free when renting any Driverack PA management systems.